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They worked at the Princeton University Engineering Anomalies Research Lab.

The lab was closed in 2007, but for almost 30 years there was a lab at Princeton and they would investigate paranormal phenomena.

“All those things were already in other myths and legends before that, so they just took them all and they kind of rolled them into these Jesus stories. “Science and faith are incompatible ways of thinking.

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And they proved to five 9’s of statistical confidence (that’s almost six Sigma) that people could deflect falling objects by concentrating.

They proved that they could send and receive telepathic messages. So I started investigating this, and I also started looking for personal experiences.

I had always been taught that those miracles went away and they either don’t exist anymore, or at least never happen “on command.” And Bryan’s cutting to the chase; he’s like, “Well, I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t.” And I knew he was right. He documented the “before” and the “after” and he did so with X-rays, medical reports, letters from doctors, all of that kind of stuff. I’ll tell you what some of the chapter names are: And he goes through, one by one, with X-rays, doctor’s reports and everything and says, “This guy had this before and it’s gone now.

Here’s the X-ray, here’s the letter from the doctor, and there it is.” This is not by any means the only such book, but they exist. Catholics will know what Fatima is (probably most Protestants won’t) but I think back somewhere around 1913, just before World War I, some children were playing and they had a vision of the Virgin Mary.

For example, “We prayed for my sister Debbie and she had cancer, and all of a sudden she didn’t have cancer anymore.” Every now and then, I don’t care where you are in Christianity, you will hear those. It’s called, What this guy did was there was this lady back in the 1970s named Catherine Kuhlman and she would do these healing services.

I’ve heard a few of them, but I was in very short supply of such stories and I hadn’t thought about it much. I went looking and I’ll te II you that one interesting book that I found along the way was by Richard Casdorph, who is a medical doctor. He followed her around and he documented what happened to these people.

He would poke her on the hand – “Can you feel that?

” “No, can’t feel that.” He’d pray some more and ask, “Can you feel that? ” So he would pray some more and at the end of 20 minutes, all the feeling was back in her left arm.

We were at a little church service and Jeremy goes up to the pastor and says, “Tell these people that if they want healing prayer at the end of the service, I’ll pray for them.” So the pastor tells all the people and everyone was like, “Well, okay, I’ll go over there!


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