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Only thing is, he’s an anti-drug advocate who makes his living decrying drugs.One day, a photo of him doing a line of cocaine is published in the newspaper and his career is ruined.

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“I can afford my own lifestyle and he can afford his,” Choi declared on March 29th at an event promoting her Twins reunion concerts.

While wealth and prosperity does certainly soften the blow of having your private life dragged through the mud, the public intrusion into the marriage of Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng feels worse than the public intrusion on Sexy Photos Gate protagonists Gillian Chung and Edison Chen. After all, Ah Gil and EDC had their most private of parts laid bare.

Sadly, it seems most people didn’t recognize that a tragedy was playing out before their eyes.

Two people who used to be in love were breaking up.

Her denials were about keeping her private life private. It probably wasn’t a shock to most fans when Apple Daily revealed their marriage certificate.

On the other hand, in the face of the Easy Finder scandal, Ah Gil protested too much about how the pictures of her bare shoulder shattered her fragile, virginal, clean-cut sensibilities.

The interest is why she’s able to do endorsements for clothing lines, shampoos and cell phones.

Most of the time, the attention is harmless and does not amount to more than an annoyance.

His “good guy, say your prayers, drink your milk, take your vitamins” image was dealt a serious blow by news of his affair with Elaine Ng.


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