Adolescent dating violence victimization and psychological well being

The first stage of this campaign is promoting the recently launched toll-free hotline for victims of domestic violence.The Government of Belarus commits to develop a comprehensive national system of response to gender violence, which will include increased number of crisis rooms and improved medical, social and legal services for survivors and measures to combat male aggressive behaviour.

Furthermore, following the General Recommendation 19 of the CEDAW Committee and the Universal Periodic Review of Belgium adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council, Belgium committed itself to extend its NAP to all forms of violence against women and girls.

A working group has been created in order to prepare the integration of a section on “sexual violence” in the following long-term NAP for 2014-2018.

Belarus commits to combat trafficking in persons and domestic violence Belarus commits to implement a new law to combat trafficking in persons and provide financial assistance to civil society organizations providing assistance to survivors of trafficking.

Under the Fourth State Programme on Combating Trafficking in Persons, Illegal Migration and Related Criminal Activities, Belarus will focus on prevention of trafficking in persons, prosecution of perpetrators and implementation of measures to ensure the fundamental right of victims of trafficking to live free of violence.

The Government commits to strengthen legal measures in order to guarantee a protective environment for women and children who are the victims of violence.

Recently, two new laws have strengthened the fight against domestic violence: a law on the temporary banning of a violent partner from the home in case of domestic violence, and another law enables persons bound to professional secrecy to inform the public prosecutor when they are faced with a victim of domestic violence.

In order to ensure a comprehensive and coordinated approach to preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, a Strategy to implement the Convention will be developed.

The strategy will include the substantive issues of the Convention and define the strategic direction and specific strategic programs to address violence against women in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Belgium commits to carry on sensitization of the general public and specific groups such as young people.

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