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These two can be quite devoted to one another especially as there is little ego connection between them.They can be selfless in each other’s presence like no two other people.This relationship is open to higher vibrations than passion.

Often the man is looking for an intellectual component – a cold shower as it were – which is a big relief to the Aquarius woman who is too often expected to dumb down.

Her intellectual capabilities come not in terms of logic, culture or education.

Astrological affinity is simple in principle: Each sign is most successful, on the whole, with signs who match elements: earth, air, fire and water.

Conversely, one might not get along with those who share their “quality”: fixed, mutable, or cardinal.

Astrology alone is no guarantee (sorry, the stars don’t have a return policy) but when navigating the dark corridors and avoiding the dead ends of love, sometimes a scorecard is helpful.

Of course, many Heavenly mismatches thrive on the conflict, and in any event, your own heart is the ultimate guide.

So if he happens to come from the wrong side of the sky, don’t despair-but perhaps take a deeper look at what he has that you lack.

The hidden quality in this relationship is a something they share called “zaniness”.

This seemingly unlikely combination makes an excellent and lasting marriage.

Cancers never want to end anything and Aquarians are among the most loyal of the zodiac. Cancer thrives on the idea of home (nest) (haven) and comfort while Aquarius craves having what she thinks everyone else has. ) Once he introduces you to his , I mean family, you know you’re in! Aquarius will eat up the conventionality, having to pinch herself to believe 1) it’s real and 2) it’s happening to her.

Having a big sweet hunk of a guy take care of you, gives Aquarius the perfect cover.


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