Current recordset does not support updating this may Live show chat xxx

This would cause the bulletin to appear broken until it was finished rendering.

For bulletins with a large number of pages, this could take a noticeable amount of time.

Bulletins with no content are now displayed in the Upcoming section of manage bulletins.

current recordset does not support updating this may-8

The service now ensures the objects do not get leaked resulting in acceptable memory use.

Bug 10279 | Fixed an issue where a bulletin would be moved outside of its group after editing.

Now only non-deleted bulletins are considered when determining alert mode.

Bug 10252 | Fixed an issue where the clone tool would incorrectly try to extract media to the same location multiple times causing an error when trying to import the channel.

Bug 10255 | Fixed an issue where database objects such as stored procedures could be added to the wrong schema depending on the user account that ran the migration script.

This would prevent Carousel from operating correctly.Bug 10278 | Fixed an issue where the Carousel service would use excessive amount of memory when starting potentially causing poor performance or system hangs.The issue was the result of leaking images while validating media sizes during startup.Previously, a generic error message would be displayed to the user making it unclear what the problem was.Now the user will be specifically alerted when there login is expired and will be given the option to navigate to the login page.Templates will now use a generic solid background generated by the server if the zone contains no backgrounds.


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