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In the 2006-2007 school year there were 27 homicides and 8 suicides that took place at school.These school violence statistics equals one death at school for every 1.6 million students.

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School violence statistics show that while 46% of schools reported 20 or more violent acts, 1% of schools only had one or two violent incidents, and 22% of schools reported no violent crimes at all.

Schools with higher incidents of teen violence are more likely to be in urban areas, where gang violence is more of a problem.

Students are much more likely, however, to be the victims of other types of school violence that are not fatal, but can have lasting negative effects on students and their educational experience.

Even non-physical forms of teen violence like bullying can have serious consequences.

School shootings receive a great deal of media attention, and many parents are concerned about their children’s safety at school.

In reality, school violence statistics show that few students are killed at school, though every instance of a school shooting is a tragedy that affects entire communities and even the rest of the nation and the world.10% of 12-18 year olds were called hate terms at school, and 35% saw hate-related graffiti at school.Violence against teachers Violence against teachers is also a serious problem at some schools, especially those in urban areas.What some might find surprising, though, is the level to which cyber fraud/cyber crime continues to flourish today, roughly 20 years after the beginning of the Internet revolution.In fact, if many experts are correct, it is actually increasing considerably.Fraud examiners working with corporations who do business across international borders should take heed of this current landscape to better understand the threats most likely to surface: Africa — Seven percent of all transactions were fraudulent, with the highest percentages from Nigeria and Ghana.


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