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If something is important, pull over to the side of the road where you know you can respond safely.

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I've got some real horror stories to tell." I ask about these horror stories. Because of that, we can walk -- or run -- away from someone who isn't everything we want or someone who has a red flag or two.

The guy showed up 30 pounds heavier and 10 years older than his photo. So that's good; there's always someone else out there you could connect with.

Ward died on November 5th, 1960 and his death was because of a heart attack; he was 57 years old.

We send an email at night when we're tired or angry and realize it went to the wrong person or there was an obvious typo.

We talked about social media anxiety disorder and other digital dilemmas. If it's attached to your hip 24/7 and you wish it was waterproof and in the shower with you, you might have SMAD. If you send a Tweet to someone and they don't @reply to you within six hours and you become anxious, you might be suffering from SMAD. If your cell phone is with you at the dining table and everyone is texting while they're eating and no one is saying a word, you might have SMAD. If you post a cute photo on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or other photo-sharing sites with no one liking it or sharing it, however you still keep checking every few minutes or hour, you might have SMAD. If you stare at your Twitter followers and the count goes down and it upsets you, you could be suffering from SMAD.

Mark wondered how to teach his young children about netiquette, so they can grow up with a proper guideline of rules, which change at a moment's notice. While I'm not a licensed physician, as a cyber-relations expert, I constantly look at and view the latest social media strategies and trends and write about the intersection of love and technology.

Please write the details of Pam Dawber's obit here.

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Sometimes a breath of fresh air will put everything in perspective.


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  5. Katniss Everdeen had won the 73rd Games, Peeta Mellark the 74th, & the relationship that blossomed between Mentor & Victor had captivated the people of Panem. - fic da autora JGNANDES somente repostada por mim! Esta história começa semanas depois de Harry iniciar seu sexto ano, quando Hermione esta furiosa com ele porque utiliza as anotações e os feitiços escritos pelo misterioso e autodenominado Príncipe Mestiço... Mione será obrigada a estudar com Draco e a pensar sobre o que sente por Rony. Tradução Pouco sabiam que seria seu amor, tão insignificante como uma pedrinha que rompe a superfície do oceano, o que finalmente decidiria o futuro de tudo o que estava preso nesta rede chamada vida. Ron e Hermione decidem que precisam definir a relação que se formou depois do beijo em meio a guerra. Vidas que pareciam nao ter futuro podem ter agora encontrado um novo rumo.. Gina e suas amigas resolvem fazer uma inusitada aposta de sedução. Até que Shaoran decide lhe ensinar alguns truques na arte da sedução. Será o seu passado esquecido, o futuro que poderá perder se não recordar?

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