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The 23-year-old was detained for allegedly using the university's online portal to announce a plan "to storm, target and kill people with a semiautomatic weapon" in the university's largest auditorium.

The student was arrested by special forces after the police considered the "seriousness of the threat." The would-be attacker was identified overnight with the help of the online portal's administrator and university officials.

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Trier is connected by the European motorway E44 from Luxembourg city (~50 km) via Trier to Koblenz (~100 km), E422 from Trier to Saarbrücken (~100 km). This city is about one hour from Kaiserslautern or two hours from Mannheim. Also there is a scenic overview up the hill by the stadium where you can see the entire city. Trier hosts a University as well as a University of Applied Sciences (the so-called Fachhochschule). The first buildings were built in 1944 and were used by the Nazis to educate the next generation of soldiers.

After the war, the complex was not officially used as a school. In recent decades, vintners have added reds (especially Spätburgunder) and rosés to the traditional whites (especially Riesling).

Effective from January, 1, 2017, the due date in terms of Section 44 (2) German Income Tax Act (ESt G) in conjunction with Section 58 (4) second and third sentence German Stock Corporation Act (Akt G) – according to the statutory change – shall be determined as payment date. ) is only permissible for income from dividends which is subject to a residual tax rate of 15% under an agreement.

If an applicant’s inflow of capital gains from free float dividends is subject to a residual tax rate lower than 15% under an agreement, and if such applicant is covered by the scope of application of Section 50j German Income Tax Act ( Applications of foreign entrepreneurs of third countries for input tax refunds must be filed exclusively electronically via the online portal of the Federal Central Tax Office as of 1 July 2016.

After securing a warrant, security forces raided the young man's apartment early on Friday and arrested him.

Police said they confiscated "extensive evidence" of his plans, but no semi-automatic weapon.

And unlike the somewhat provincial and quaint feel the town exudes today, it was actually one of the centers of power during the Imperial Crisis of the Third Century and certainly the most important Roman town of the province of Germania.

Besides its ample Roman heritage, Trier is also known as the birth place of Karl Marx, a fact that the city has had difficulty grappling with during more anti-communist times but now widely markets for tourism. Timetable and ticket information can be found at Deutsche Bahn. Walking is the best way to travel around the city, though a vehicle is good when visiting the stadium.

Find details on filing applications and the requirements here.


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