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From this, there doesn't seem many more to try beyond Mc Intosh & Fisher that would need importing as not sold much-at all in the UK.

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But Hifi & for " serious" use, as in one you'd actually want to use occasionally going into ones you could use daily as years progress is the idea.

We've looked through the listings & if we've missed anything out, we didn't rate it & in some years especially mid 1970s onward, whole brand ranges could be missed out.

There are 2 early integrated amps & that bad-idea tri-amping that got revived later on.

Some of these will now be unfindable & £1k sort of items.

↑Top The first book is a paperback or hardback book, the cover is a naive version of later & Quad get 3 of the 4 front pictures, the Garrard 301 is the other.

The first book attempts to be an all-in guide to Hifi covering a lot in one 180 page book.To list all interesting amps from these years is the idea, not interested in a full list, only cherry picking the better ones & interesting ones.The Early Receivers page was a bit of a roller coaster as some good ones for sure but too much repeating " again" & the dull ones got it to be a bore.So as this is our page, we'll scan the Books for ones we reckon are interesting or noteworthy.Starting in 1956 many valve amps will be 3 watt tiny Mono things, these are interesting to try & we had one years ago.For Valves 10w was actually a high power in 1958 so 10w minimum unless an early Integrated.


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