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Pauley figures he’s given five copies away to coaches.

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Drew said they met at the juice company where Pendleberry worked and they have traveled 'together to New York, Canada and Malibu. Duchovny has been a regular at the Sun Life Organics juicery in Malibu owned by his friend Khalil Rafati where Pendleberry has worked.

The New York City native was previously married to actress Tea Leoni, 51, but they split in 2008.

Duchovny and Leoni married in May 1997 and he checked himself into a rehabilitation center in August 2008 for treatment of sex addiction several months after they separated.

They reconciled but split again in June 2011 and their divorce was finalized in June 2014.

Also, lifelong Mummer, was with Schuylkill Strutters, now Bryson Wench Brigade.

His summer tweets about the camp scene are insider classics. When Pauley gets rolling, he takes over a room and the rest sit back and laugh.

“That’s the ABA there,” said the tour guide about both posters.

Of the Jones one, more rare than the Doc one, “It’s a little beat up, but that’s a collector’s item.” Little post-it notes above the desk serve little reminders: Across from the desk, take away the family photos and a faculty recognition plaque from a shelf, it’s like you’ve found a passageway to a hidden world.

“The first, I ordered from Reilly’s Bookstore, Mac Dade Boulevard, Folsom, Pa.,” Pauley said.

“No longer there, of course.” The others he purchased from e Bay.

British Athletics javelin coach David Parker has been suspended following allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a female athlete.


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