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Trying everything I could, you know, animating toys, animating people. I was about 13, 14, and it wasn’t long before I discovered animations software, and that I could do my own cartoons with audio. And, yeah, I suppose it kinda just got darker since then but there has always been a slightly sort of horrific angle that I’ve gone for. My parents like my work, and they always have done. Yeah, I mean it wasnt quite as easy to get stuff online back then, because you didnt really have much webspace, there was no Youtube or Google video or any kind of video posting site.

Previously I had used a camcorder so I couldn’t use any audio track. You had to make them as small as possible in some kind of format, like Real Media or Windows Media.

Ses dessins animés sont toujours très (très) loin du politiquement correct : depuis 2004 et sa série “Salad Fingers”, David Firth repousse les limites des cartoons faits pour le Web, mettant en scène des héros dépressifs aussi frustres que torturés. Doncaster, ville de charbon et d'autoroutes du Nord de l'Angleterre.

They looked awful, and usually, the free websites I used to sign up for, the free web space, you’d only get ten mb max, so it was very hard to get cartoons or distribute stuff online back then.

But then I discovered Newgrounds, which would host Flash, so that was a reason for me to learn Flash so I could host them on Newgrounds. Yeah, well, I think Newgrounds started in about 2000, 99-2000 it went online, and I started out doing stuff in 2004 so it had already established itself.

The music of Flying Lotus – sometimes sun-drenched like a midsummer afternoon in his hometown of Los Angeles, sometimes disturbingly dark and seemingly drawn from the furthest corners of an overfed brain – has won him fans from across the spectrum of modern music: just ask Thom Yorke, Herbie Hancock, Kendrick Lamar and Erykah Badu.

Signed to Warp Records – he has released 5 studio albums to date.

L'œuvre, bien qu'imparfaite, s'inscrit dans les favoris de la communauté Internet : le premier épisode a été vu 5 millions de fois sur You Tube.

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