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In Lavenham, Ipswich, Hadleigh and Bergholt, the independent weavers were restless.

They had been used to being independent men, negotiating their production rates with clothiers, and controlling their own workrates. The clothiers had begun to set up their own weavers with looms, and fixing their pay.

Nor are the categories listed below meant to be exclusive (the ‘South Asian Diaspora’ list, for example, includes South Asian writers born in Africa, the Caribbean — particularly Trinidad — and Toronto as well).

For a longer and more complete listing of literary works (sorted alphabetically by author), please click to view the Imagining Toronto Library. [see in particular Morley Callaghan’s “The Game that Makes a Nation” and Edo van Belkom Hockey’s Night in Canada.”] Kennedy, Michael P.

If you are interested in critical scholarship and non-fiction books about Toronto, please click to view the Local History and Culture list.

If you would like to make suggestions or recommend additions to this guide, please contact Amy Lavender Harris at alharris [at] yorku [dot] ca. Hugh Hood’s “The New Age / Le Nouvelle Siecle” series consists of twelve novels tracing Ontario life through most of the twentieth century. [Unconfirmed whether there are Toronto-focused pieces in this anthology but have included it for reference.] Kennedy, Michael P.

The property of the Abbey of St Edmund was surrendered to the Crown on 4th November 1539 but much of the wealth had already been confiscated in the previous year.

After the dissolution in 1539, the rights of the Abbot returned to the Crown.Toronto content of note include Hugh Garner’s “The Happiest Man in the World”, Lawren Harris’ “Greetings”, Raymond Souster’s “Yonge Street Saturday Night”, Earle Birney’s “I Think You Are A Whole City”, Miriam Waddington’s “Toronto the Golden-Vaulted City”.] Sylvestre, Paul-Francois, 2007. Set in WWII-era Toronto.] Hunter, Bernice Thurman, 1995. Pratt Medal in Poetry in 1998.] [See also “Textures of Kensington Market,” 149-160 in the Imagining Toronto book] Brand, Dionne, 2005. In 1340 the population was about 7,150, falling to 3,000 by 1440. Local agriculture was highly productive, depending on Bury for its market, and as a marketing centre for onward distribution.The wool and cloth industry was booming, again using Bury market for distribution nationally and internationally. The local gentry were happy to be involved in town affairs.The entries in the alphabetical list below are fonds-level records — descriptions for the body of records that come from a single creator (a "creator" meaning an individual (such as an author), one or more families, or an administrative body (such as a literary press). The staff of the Literary Archives can forward copies of finding aids, preliminary inventories and other resources in order to answer questions for interested researchers.


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