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1) Never let him be right When having a discussion with […] Sex is a touchy subject for many couples.

Some start off their marriage on rocky terms when it comes to sex due to past impurity, or they struggle to get things “right” in the bedroom.

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contrition, confession and satisfaction.” (DH 1704) In the preceding section it gives contrition a first place among those acts and “the holy counsel declares that this contrition implies not only cessation from sin and the resolve and beginning of a new life, but also the hatred of the old.” (DH 1676) It further specifies that contrition must exclude the will to sin, and declares it false to believe that the sacrament of Penance confers grace without the disposition of the penitent.

Confession is not a magic rite that automatically washes away your sins.

Instead, it is a key element of our return to God after our separation from him through sin.

Absolution must be preceded by a desire to avoid that sin again.

Every morning, Un Día a la Vez offers practical, straightforward spiritual guidance from well-known author and radio host Claudia Pinzón—helping you through life’s daily challenges while also encouraging you to return to (or start! The Story of Jesus is a compelling, easy-to-follow presentation that is rooted in the clear, accessible language of the NIV.

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Finally, we have to look at Trent’s teaching on the impossibility of divorce.

The doctrine of a single spouse for life has always been the norm of the Church and Trent defined it infallibly.

We get naturally accustomed to these things being in our lives and just assume they will always be there to enjoy.


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