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Its great, people please try this if you want relief from your hair problems.

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Liss ultime serum online dating

And honestly, I think this serum will work for all kinds of hair types.

To give you all an idea, my hair is chemically treated, fragile & is prone to breakage.

But for virgin as well as rebonded hair, this is a great product, except for the extremely bad packing. If your hair are damaged at the ends and badly tangled, pour another pump on your palm and apply again to the tangles to untie them. For daily use, pump on wet palms to make it more watery and apply as described above. For my second bottle, it was broken right from the beginning and later stopped working altogether. This is a salon product and is supposed to be used by L’Oreal certified professionals only in their salons.

Pump a small quality on your palm, rub both the palms together, including fingers, expand your fingers like a claw, and run down your hands through the length of your hair a few times, one by one, till all the serum is gone into the hair length. If you apply to unwashed hair without slightly wetting your palms, you will end up using a lot of serum, and your hair may look weighed down or heavy. The best before date I think is 3 yrs from mfg, though it is wiped out on my bottle now. But many local shops, beauty parlours and hair salons sell this and the other variations of this serum.

Silicones and oils can weigh hair down with an uneven and inefficient barrier, leaving hair limp and greasy, prone to attracting dirt and build up while still allowing humidity to penetrate the hair strand.

Manage your untamed hair to make them soft, smooth and frizz-free with the Liss Unlimited shampoo from Loreal Paris. However, you've to pay a bit more for this bottle but it lasts for ages.

Product Description: L’oreal Serie Expert Liss Unlimited Evening Primrose Oil helps create beautiful, smooth, frizz free hair.

This product is the one of the newest additions to the Liss Ultime family.

Unlimited primrose Oil is specially formulated for individuals with rebellious hair.


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