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A strong ensemble play the Spotlight journalists: Michael Keaton is Walter (Robby) Robinson, Rachel Mc Adams is Sacha Pfeiffer and Mark Ruffalo plays Michael Rezendes.Baron is played by Liev Schreiber in an uncannily accurate portrayal.

The movie is the best depiction of the tedious and at times mind-numbing work of investigative journalism since , 40 years ago.

It may be hard to imagine how trawling archives and compiling spreadsheets could be the subject of a Hollywood thriller, but its director, Tom Mc Carthy, wrings a taut drama from the subject matter.

began to break stories about sexual abuse by priests and the decades-long cover-up by the Catholic Church, in 2002, the newspaper’s editor, Marty Baron, received a letter.

It was from a prominent Bostonian, complaining about the coverage by the newspaper and its Spotlight investigative team.

The reports revealed the sexual abuse of hundreds of people by dozens of priests.

They told how the city’s Catholic hierarchy had turned a blind eye and even permitted the abuse, shuffling serial-molesting priests around parishes.Driving the investigation, Baron acted as the story’s compass, guiding his journalists to report not just on the number of victims. There are still, certainly in the United States, newspapers and other news organisations of one type or another who are doing good investigations, but it doesn’t happen nearly with the frequency that it should.” After 11 years and six Pulitzer Prizes at the in 2012.“The important story,” he says, “was why the numbers were so big, why was it allowed to happen, why was it allowed to persist over many decades, who was responsible for that, how could people not know and, if they knew, then why didn’t they do anything about it? Certainly, he acknowledges, it is harder in the Twitter age to devote resources to deep, long-running investigations.When they met, the man insisted that his letter was not meant that way, and apologised.Baron’s decision to pursue the investigation and rattle Boston’s biggest cage was ultimately vindicated.“My former colleagues in Boston have said I came in with fresh eyes.


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