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Searching and updating a very large text file is slow and prone to corruption.

What's more, things start to get messy when you want to link records together, such as linking a customer record to the orders that the customer has made, and then linking each order record to the products that are in the order.

Web scripts (right) communicate with the DBMS in order to insert, update, delete and retrieve data in the database.

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There are many ways to install the My SQL server and associated programs.

Here are three ways you can do it: If you want to get up and running as quickly and easily as possible, I'd personally recommend downloading and installing XAMPP.

Relational databases are designed to take care of all these problems.

Here are some reasons to use a database instead of text files: You now know why databases are useful, and how they can help you build complex websites and web apps. There are many great DBMSs out there, including My SQL, Postgre SQL, SQLite, Oracle, and SQL Server, and all of them can be used for most web development purposes.

SQLite is extremely fast and self-contained (and is also free), while Oracle and SQL Server have a lot of enterprise-level features that make it a good choice for large organizations.

As I mentioned above, most web hosting accounts come with My SQL pre-installed.One of the most popular is the relational model, which is what My SQL uses (along with Postgre SQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and other common systems).Consequently, My SQL is known as a relational database management system, or RDBMS.However, if you're developing websites using My SQL, you also want to have the My SQL server running on your own computer, so that you can create and test your databases and code without needing to upload files to your live server all the time.There are two main components to My SQL: In addition, many My SQL installs include documentation, header files for developers, and the My SQL test suite.A database is an essential part of most websites and blogs, but setting up and using a database can be a daunting task for the beginner web developer.


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