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It is also a chance for our newcomers to share their research with their new colleagues and for the whole department, staff and students alike, to get together and share ideas.

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Recent cover topics have been the Higgs, Memory, Neutrinos.

The magazine closes with some book reviews, a feedback section, and a question-to-the editors section.

I notice that there are other reviewers who have complained about the magazine's service.

I queried my son-in-law about his experience and he, who has subscribed for years, has had no problems at all.

") The side-texts connected to the article are labelled: "Don't Panic!

;" "Spaceman Turns to Spaghetti;" and "Black Hole Factories on Earth.(I traded him old copies of The Economist for his old copies of New Scientist.A fair trade, I'd say.) I have been a longtime subscriber to Scientific American -- going back fifty years, I'm stunned to realize -- and find that I'm more eager to read the New Scientist than my old standby.I write and I find myself often clipping out articles of interest or of use.Even better, a subscription gives you their entire on-line archive, as well as regular email updates.If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting.

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