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The judge ruled in her favour, but she said the case had taken a huge toll on her and her family.

An up-to-date will would have removed a lot of stress and heartache, at the time of her bereavement.

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She had been with her partner for 18 years before he died and all that she had wanted was for the courts to recognise that she needed his share of the house to provide her with some security of the future.

The judge’s decision meant that she could now stay in her home and her future was much more secure.

If you are among those who prefer to walk upright, watching for oncoming semis, you may have noticed that these people don’t look at walk signals to tell when to cross; instead, they wait until their peripheral vision picks up a phoneless pedestrian making a move for it. A day is coming when these phone addicts may no longer need to watch you from the corner of their eyes to gauge when it’s safe to cross.

I am frequently in that pedestrian, and am not above making occasional false starts to watch people jerk like fish on a line. Scientists at Dartmouth and University of Bologna have built an app that will alert these pedestrians when collision with an oncoming vehicle is imminent with a helpful series of vibrations and chirrups.

But otherwise, it leaves a non-distracting, relatively “ghost free” image, a university press release says, that will further protect pedestrian privacy.

When it almost succeeds, it gives users a good laugh: a post-apocalyptic cityscape including disembodied feet, ownerless dogs, and floating umbrellas.

Press Conference for Suzy's new periodic flick "The Sound of a Flower," where she answers the most memorable scene from the film.

, died October 18, 1480) and Uheulwudong (어을우동; 於乙宇同, Eoeuldong, Aeulwoodong) was a Korean dancer, writer, artist, and poet from a noble family (Park) in the Joseon Dynasty of the 15th century. She was forced to divorce him on account of adultery charges and subsequently she became an active poet, writer, artist, and dancer.

Ms Williams wanted the remaining share of the property so that she would have some financial security as she had had no means of support since her partner, a dentist, had died in 2012.

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