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The were snapped kissing and cuddling as they went shopping in the Big Apple.The new couple enjoyed lunch together in the West Village before walking away from the restaurant hand-in-hand.Although the spy shop is an offshoot of a show that catches “cheaters,” the show’s host, Joey Greco, is surprised at who is going to the spy shop.

“We’re like a liquor retailer in that we want our products to be used responsibly.” Walton says a perfect example of his company’s legal cover comes with the devices that allow customers to track a cell phone.

“There is a license agreement from the manufacturer that says the customer specifically can’t install it on someone else’s phone without their knowledge,” he said.

He came out as gay in the same year and revealed a former relationship with Jonathan Zeizel had inspired his debut album.

Author: David Moye Date: 1-3-12 When you have a hit TV show, there’s a lot of money to be made in ancillary products, such as t-shirts, notebooks, stickers or mousepads.

But when your show is “Cheaters,” a syndicated reality series that investigates cheating spouses and records the often-violent confrontations that ensue, your options are limited.

No matter that the show is in season 12, its sordid subject matter makes it hard to market, say, a “Cheaters” spaghetti sauce, or designer perfume.During his youth Sam was a member of several choirs and jazz bands, and studied with jazz pianist Joanna Eden after being a pupil at the Youth Music Theatre UK.His music industry breakthrough came when he was just 20 years old, after house duo Disclosure featured his vocals on their track Latch.The show did participate in a “No Cheaters” dating website for a while, but now series creator Bobby Goldstein thinks he’s found a better product for his corporate brand: A website that sells spy goods.It’s called Cheaters Spy Shop, and sells all sorts of surveillance gear for suspicious minds, including recovery sticks that can pull up anything currently on the i Phone and even recover deleted information; mobile software that will send a person all texts and pictures being sent, web history, call logs, and GPS location every 30 minutes; and even motion-activated that record any movement and activity in high resolution.“She is thinking about putting one of the hidden cameras in the school room.” Walton says that the two groups who seem to be buying the products the most are women worried their man is cheating, and parents who want to make sure their kids aren’t sexting or getting inappropriate photos themselves.

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