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She said: "I actually got the idea of the lollies from watching the mummy diaries on ITV and thought I'd give it a go to help my son with teething and as I was exclusively breast feeding at the time it seemed like a great idea. I think it really helps with his teething plus he loves the cold and always finishes every bit of it!

But it seems the lollies, which are being dubbed "mumsicles" amongst parents online, are also fantastic for keeping kids cool in extreme heat.

The Motherload user, Katie Bridgeman, who feeds her daughter Amelie the lollies, told The Sun Online: "Amelie really does love her breast milk lollies but she usually ends up covered in it, so we only have them outside on a hot day.

In general, pregnant women are asked to stay off herbal medications and supplementation during pregnancy as their efficacy during pregnancy has not been proven yet.

There have been enough incidences where intake of herbal and natural supplements has caused harm to the baby.

And some mums are using an ingenious tactic to give their young kids some respite from the soaring temperatures – by giving their babies breast milk ice lollies.

The chilly treats have been popular amongst mums with teething tots for years – with celeb mums such as Sam Faiers being known fans.

"Bonnie is 12 months and feeds on demand, on a hot day she feeds quite a lot and so she loves the booby milk lollies to hold and devours them within minutes.

"I only give them to her when we are at home, because of the mess.

But one needs to be watchful, as pregnancy is a time when you should be very cautious with your diet and everything that you eat needs to be weighted for its pros and cons.

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