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Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Age: 28 Jones typifies athletic dominance at the receiver position — too tall (6-foot-4), too big (220 lb), and too fast for any defender to cover.He leads the league in total receiving yards over the last three years, hauling in over 1,800 yards in 2015 and over 1,400 in 2016 (on fewer targets).Our list skews toward recent performance: while longevity and history counts, we favored athletes who have had successful years or stretches since our last edition in 2016. Currently pregnant, Jorgensen hasn't competed in 2017, but prior to the Olympics, she won five of seven international events in 2016 and had won 15 of 17 events dating back to July 2014.

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Zuckerberg owned little Facebook common stock, but had a 60 percent controlling say on Facebook acquisitions, board seats, and other key decisions, thanks to special super-voting shares.

If he started giving away stock, his lawyers warned, Zuckerberg would give up control — the way Bill Gates did when he gave his Microsoft billions to his charity.

Zuckerberg went to Delaware anyway, said “Hi” to Gov.

John Carney, did a limo run to Pat’s — and posted pictures of both visits on Facebook, where he’s been promoting his travels outside Silicon Valley, as a regular guy in touch with the people whose personal data he sells.

In that situation there's no player you'd rather have than Justin Tucker.

Orlando Pride forward Age: 31 Time hasn't slowed down Marta.Here’s the Facebook road to Cheez Whiz, according to court documents: When their firstborn arrived in December 2015, Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan posted a charming letter telling baby they were giving away the family business.Instead of promising little Max she would inherit the social-media empire, her parents said they would give “99% of our Facebook shares — currently about billion” to their new charity, because “we love you and feel a great responsibility to leave the world a better place for you and all children.” Generous? But Zuckerberg also displayed a parental quality some Facebook shareholders saw as less attractive: In March 2015, with baby still an embryo, Zuckerberg had begun meetings with bankers at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Democratic fund-raiser Robert Altman’s Evercore Partners, plus Wall Street and Silicon Valley lawyers, to keep control of Facebook passing his shares to his charity.That's as good as any kicker has ever been from that distance, and effectively extended the Ravens' scoring range ten yards further than any other team in the NFL.Kickers don't get enough love for their value — no play more commonly decides a game in its final seconds than a field goal attempt from less-than-ideal field position.The top-graded receiver by Pro Football Focus, Jones was a key cog on a Falcons team that came up just short in the Super Bowl in 2016.


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  2. Google says it wants to make calls feel more like an invitation rather than an interruption.

  3. “Only 4 percent of the kids who said they were digitally abused experienced only that form of teen dating violence.” These ultra-connected teenagers are even more aware of who’s saying what about whom—and how quickly bad information can flow from one person to another.

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