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Many manufacturers claim that their coverage extends lower on the head than required by the standards.

Without comparative test data we usually do not know if a particular model exceeds the requirements of the standard and offers superior protection.

Most of them probably do not, even those that provide additional coverage.

Kali has a promising new carbon nanotube foam that became available in 2016.

One designer has shown a prototype helmet made of folding paper, but so far it is only a concept.

But there is still no verifiable major advance in impact performance, ventilation or wearability this year that would compel you to replace your current helmet.

A slip-plane addition to some helmets sold in bike shop took off in bike shop helmets in late 2014 when Bell bought a large chunk of the MIPS patent holder company.

Summary: Our review finds no radical safety improvement this year that would compel you to replace your current helmet.

New technology has finally come to the marketplace, but there are no independent public test results confirming better performance.

The slip-plane layer makes it easier for the head to move about 5mm (0.2") sideways at the moment of impact, claimed to reduce the rotational energy passed on to the head. Almost all of the helmets listed below meet national or international standards and offer good protection, although some standards are tougher than others.

We still regard MIPS as unproven technology unless you have a helmet that couples so closely to your head that you can't move it even a quarter inch. For the US market the CPSC standard is required by law for any bicycle helmet.

We have tested a sample of cheap and expensive helmets and found no real performance differences by price.


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