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Instead, the first device you connect to your newly created i Cloud account following the migration will be used to upload an initial copy of this information.So it is important that you have backup copies of your important information in addition to your regular Time Capsule and various online backup solutions.

Apple put the final nail in Mobile Me’s coffin in 2011.

As boxed retail versions of Mobile Me began disappearing from Apple Stores, many speculated that the service would soon be free to all users.

You have friends, family, co-workers, businesses and various online accounts that all need to be informed of the change.

And when it comes to mail in i Cloud, not every Apple device that you might own can run the software necessary to support i Cloud.

If you haven’t done so already, the time has finally come to make the switch from Mobile Me to i Cloud.

Apple closed down their old syncing service today and removed the i Disk and Mobile Me Gallery apps from the App Store, leaving behind any stragglers who have not yet made the jump to the new i Cloud hotness launched alongside i OS 5 last year.

If you are one of those stragglers, you’ll be happy to know that you can move your data to i Cloud right from the Mobile Me homepage, and it seems Find My i Phone will still function for users who have not updated to i Cloud due to their devices being too old to run i OS 5 or OS X Lion, and i Disk and Gallery files can still be retrieved for a limited time.

Hit the break to read about the fascinating history of Apple’s cloud services.

Those rumors proved to be true when Apple announced i Cloud, an updated version of Mobile Me with new features and no price tag.

Under the guidance of Eddy Cue, i Cloud experienced a much smoother launch than its predecessor.

Last year when Apple announced the end of Mobile Me and the beginning of i Cloud, I knew exactly when I would transition at least one of my accounts: the week prior to the June 30, 2012 cutoff date. For those that have justified putting this off until now, here are some tips tailored for you.


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