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The buyer wants to pay by certified check, but I have decided not to take the check as payment because of check counterfeiting risks.

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If you are not a current customer but have a question please feel free to contact us at 800-234-6181.

I have a valuable item for sale and now have an out-of-state buyer.

Source: Nerd Wallet Note: If you are requesting secure information and are a customer of the bank, please login to Online Banking and use the Message Center link found under the Messages tab.

The Message Center allows you to send and receive messages while keeping your identity and account information secure.

The Bankrate feature “Counterfeiters switch to cashier’s checks” explains the counterfeiting issues with that form of payment.

Money orders, even USPS money orders, are also being counterfeited.Fees and bank policies Most banks charge a fee for the purchase of a cashier’s check.The charge can be a percentage of the total amount of the check or a flat fee. You can find information about cashier’s check fees and other related policies by searching the checking section on the bank’s website.While certified checks are intended to reduce your risks, some precautions are called for.Let’s start out by differentiating between a certified check and a cashier’s check.Cashier's checks don't technically expire but if they are not cashed, they are considered abandoned property and are subject to state abandoned property laws.

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