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The resulting increase in sexual encounters has been termed "post-traumatic love syndrome" or "terror sex" (Bader, 2001).

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Less is known about college students and how their lives may or may not have changed subsequent to the attacks.

In a recent telephone poll, about 25% of college-bound high school seniors reported that they are now less likely to consider attending a college or university far away from home, especially if a plane trip is involved ("Staying Close to Home..." 2001).

Many of them can personally recall the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy assassination, or other occasions of tragedy and grief; the knowledge that life goes on and the coping mechanisms learned through experience could have been applied to the September 11 attacks.

Indeed, many reported reduced worry about terrorism and going on with "business as usual" within two months (Jones, 2001; Pew Research Center, 2001b; Donaton, 2002).

This study investigates the effects of the terrorist attacks on the lives and relationships of students at a medium-sized midwestern university.

Specific issues addressed are personal reactions, change and uncertainty in future plans and priorities, and effects on intimate relationships. " The phrase has been used in the media to describe the September 11 attacks, along with references to other historical events such as the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963.

However, several articles in publications targeted toward the academic community or alumni (Brownstein and Hoover, 2001; "Sept.

11..." 2001) summarize the results of nonscientific interviews with students in the aftermath of the attacks.

A Kind of September: Impact of Terrorist Attacks on College Students' Lives and Intimate Relationships Susan Janssen Department of Sociology-Anthropology University of Minnesota-Duluth Introduction The September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have been a "defining moment," not only in American history, but in many individuals' lives.


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